Global News features Shimshon Obadia’s Promises in Vacationland at Grizzli Winery’s Public Art Gallery.

The Phoenix News interviews Shimshon Obadia about their work for accessibility in the arts as a producer and collective member with Inspired Word Café society. Click here to read the full article by Arts Editor, Jayme Miller!

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Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.00.26 PMRead Shimshon Obadia’s article about their creative self-advocacy soft activism work with the Cool Arts Society in the April/May 2021 issue of the BC Country Register. Click here to download the feature!

Accessible Media Inc. features Shimshon Obadia’s self-advocacy soft activism in action at the Cool Arts society. Click here to learn more about Obadia’s collaborative art action with Cool Arts!

Daylighting the Classroom Doc Poster

DAYLIGHTING THE CLASSROOM receives award of excellence from the 2018 Cinema WorldFest Awards and named official selection of the In-Short Film FestivalCreation International Film Festival and the Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival. To find out more about this eco justice documentary, click here.

Okanagan Arts Awards 2016 ‘Innovation’ Finalist

WEB OAA-Shimshon_Obadia-whttp://www.artsco.ca/wordpress/announcing-the-finalists-for-the-9th-annual-okanagan-arts-awards/

Empathy for Nature: Socially Engaged Art for our Future


CBC | Radio West

Kelowna Students Search for Funds to Save the Turtles

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The University of British Columbia

Our Stories Campaign – Okanagan Campus


The University of the Fraser Valley

Director’s Theatre Festival


The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Exhibit – Concrete in the Creek

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